Our mission is to be a growing catalyst for collectively addressing the challenge of Persons of concern (POC’s) in society, particularly, women and children. By advancing durable and transformative changes that strengthen their socioeconomic well-being.


Our organisational competencies and experience within HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness focus on building partnerships with local communities and national structures to foster a human-rights-based approach to ensure the well-being and dignity of vulnerable groups. Within this context, given the intrinsic linkages between HIV/AIDS and Gender-Based Violence, PSDS takes a“whole of society” approach in
our collaborative work. This enables our organisation to tackle the discrimination of the vulnerable populations which are often stigmatised and neglected in development programmes.

Furthermore, within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, PSDS has key competencies in integration technology and innovation in our work. This is critical to implement new methodologies to reach and support the needy and vulnerable communities without exposing them to COVID-19. Technology is also at the center of data collection, processing, and reporting to ensure accurate, timely, and comprehensive reporting that assists with compliance and provides in-depth insights for programme management. We utilise our competencies and experience to support vulnerable communities in five broad areas:


PSDS uses a theory of change approach where the monitoring and evaluation team identifies monitoring activities and associated indicators to collect information along the pathway from inputs to impact. The proposed measurement activities, indicators that will be collected with those measurement activities, and associated timelines will be shared in the full proposal. We can further narrow down this list of measurement activities and indicators according to the What Works priorities.PSDS through its monitoring and evaluation department will develop a seamless system to collect, collate and report data as per the monitoring framework using digital tools. The improvement in quality of life will be tracked in the poverty probability index.



Since its inception in 2020, PSDS has gathered experience and expertise in community-based interventions, including, childprotection, HIV-AIDS prevention and awareness, mental health and psychosocial support, and sustainable development in support of vulnerable groups such as women and children, vulnerable youth, sex workers survivors of gender-based violence, the LGBTQI community and other vulnerable populations it has managed to achieve success the following areas:

  • Women trained in entrepreneurship
  • Reduced GBV incidents in the communities where we have a footprint
  • Sponsored outreach programmes
    Disbursed Funding to start-up businesses
  • Funded and got community projects up and running
  • Created youth Support groups
  • Created women and children support groups
  • Working with sex workers to ensure health and wellness


Outreach Foundation offers support and development to people living in the inner city of Johannesburg and beyond. Through skills development, counseling, and Arts enrichment programmes, the foundation seeks to inspire and advocate for creative and empowering journeys for those looking to achieve their full potential. Outreach Foundation partnered with PSDS to provide business and finance literacy skills training for people of concern (PoCs) identified for the livelihood grant.